UK Working Conditions

In the UK, we take immense pride in maintaining excellent working conditions for our seasonal and field workers. From well-furnished accommodation and facilities to training opportunities and career progression, we’re proud to support the workers that are so integral to what we do at The Summer Berry Company.

You can read more about our working conditions in the UK below.


  • We have fully-furnished, on-site accommodation for our workers across three sites.
  • Our comfortable, self-contained, fully-furnished mobile homes can accommodate up to six people. They include beds, tables, and chairs. Pillows, duvets, and bed linen are provided too. The majority have a double room and two twin rooms.
  • We also provide essential appliances and equipment, including fridge, cooker, heater, cutlery, and utensils.
  • Accommodation is well kept and maintained. 
  • We offer super-fast WiFi on site, which is free of charge.
  • We have laundry rooms with washing machines and tumbler dryers.
  • We have a BBQ area, well-equipped gym on site, football, volleyball and basketball pitches and a games room to relax.
  • We have a shop on site which is fully stocked with products that many workers will recognise from their home countries. 
  • In front of each caravan is a picnic bench where people can rest, relax, and enjoy sunny weather.
  • It is possible to be accommodated with family and friends, or to return to the same caravan the following year. We always try to accommodate people in the way they feel most comfortable.


  • Jobs are available all year round, with accommodation available on site.
  • We pay minimum wage, but we also pay overtime where necessary. Workers can earn more, depending on their performance.
  • Workers are paid weekly. Wages are paid directly to UK Bank accounts which our team can help to set up. Colleagues receive a weekly payslip detailing how much they have earnt, and deductions made. 
  • Workers also receive holiday pay. Whilst working for us, workers have holiday allowance and although the season is very busy, we encourage our colleagues to take this so that they can rest and enjoy themselves.
  • The pay is determined by how much fruit each worker picks each day, and the quality of the picked berries. There will be daily targets to meet and the hourly rate earned is set each day based on this. This will be communicated by the Team Leader.
  • We offer a good level of working hours. The hours will vary, but we anticipate they will average 48hrs in a week. Most of our pickers work six day a week, about eight hours per day. Overtime hours are available and optional. This is dependent on crop, weather, and customer demand.
  • After work people can enjoy their time off resting and relaxing, sightseeing, or simply using the facilities on site.


  • We provide regular free transport to local towns and supermarkets to go shopping, or sightseeing in the beautiful areas which are surrounding us.
  • We can help you with transport to local GPs, medical centres and banks, but this will also depend on drivers’ availability.


  • We offer full training, whether people already have experience or not, to make sure everyone feels comfortable and understands the job requirements.
  • We offer four weeks of training induction for harvest. The first two weeks will be with a training team and the following two weeks in an experienced team.
  • We offer career progression at all levels. From Picker to Team Leaders, from Team Leader to Manager and beyond. We are proud that many of our employees return to us every season and have progressed their career within our business.
  • There are career opportunities available for all, depending on their performance.


When people join us, and before they arrive at our sites, they are asked to complete online onboarding at The Summer Berry Company App. They will fill in their details, read through their arrival presentation, and sign the relevant documents. This app is essential for having access to The Summer Berry Guide and to the ‘Just Good Work’ information. This gives a range of information about our farm, details about life and work with us in the UK, and ensures everyone understands their rights.

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