Our origins date back to the 60’s, grounded in a traditional British farm life. Whilst we are very proud of our history, we are thrilled to showcase the remarkable achievements we have accomplished throughout the years, which includes the expansion of our business, its internationalisation, and all the continuous improvements made possible by an innovative approach to agribusiness.

To be able to grow our scale and develop our operation in a sustainable way is what makes us stand out from our competitors. And this is only possible because of the focus we put on the quality of our fruit, the care we have for our people, and our deep respect for the environment.


Our focus on innovation is reinforced with the signing of a new contract with Tortuga AgTech, bringing around 50 robots to our UK production.


43% of the total water used in our Portuguese farms has been captured from rain or water that has been collected using a recirculation system.


We build a new farm in Portugal, adding 1,800 tonnes to our production portfolio.


Cibud Fund acquires our farms and creates The Summer Berry Company, as it is today.


Packing facilities start operating at Groves farms.


Our production becomes 100% soilless in the UK.


Our business begins operating a farm in Portugal, expanding the production season, and allowing for new varieties.


We launch our Biodiversity project. Since then 35,000 m of hedges have been planted, 25ha of flower margins and 25ha of permanent grass land.


Our UK farms are established, drawing on over 50 years’ experience in the berry industry.

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