Governance Framework

A solid governance framework is the backbone of an organisation’s approach to ESG.

Effective governance fosters transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct, creating a culture of responsibility that leads to sustainable value. At the core of our Governance Framework are the following key areas:

Corporate governance

Ethics and integrity

The integration of ethics and integrity into the organisation’s core values and practices is crucial for a responsible and sustainable business environment. ESG policy development plays a critical role in guiding the company strategy, decision-making processes, and commitments to address environmental, social and governance issues.

Risk management

Risk management implies the identification of ESG risks, the prioritisation of the identified risks, and a clear definition of roles and responsibilities for managing the risks and the opportunities, providing individuals and teams with the necessary authority, resources, and expertise to address risks effectively. An ongoing assessment of the company operations and a solid process to monitor and report ESG’s risk management performance are also pivotal steps for the success of our ESG programme.

Compliance and legal framework

A strong compliance and legal framework not only ensures alignment with legal requirements and best practices but also serves as the cornerstone of an organisation’s ESG efforts. This entails staying up to date with applicable laws and regulations at local, national and international levels, as well as monitoring changes in the regulatory environment and adjusting practices to maintain compliance and mitigate potential legal and reputational risks.

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