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Growing berries for happy customers is the reason we exist.

Have you tried our year-round summer berries yet? Read what our customers say about them.

“We’ve just had a fantastic Sunday Lunch at home cooked by my lovely wife and we finished off with strawberries from The Summer Berry Company: Malling Centenary they were and beautiful they tasted.”

Malcolm, UK

“I bought some of your Malling Centenary strawberries today in Sainsbury’s in Sudbury,Suffolk. They tasted really nice, best I have ever tasted I think. I can’t vouch for their ‘keeping”qualities as my grandchildren and I ate them all straight away. I will tell my friends the variety and will definitely buy more. Thank you.”

Marion, UK

“Felt compelled to let you know your Malling Centenary Strawberries are THE most delicious supermarket fruit I have eaten in a long time. They taste of strawberries …….so many currently do not… Sweet, juicy, lovely colour, varying sizes within a range (uniformity not a requirement in our kitchen) and smell lovely too.”

Suzanne, UK

“I just wanted to get in touch to say how much we have just enjoyed a punnet of your strawberries bought yesterday. They were the first we’ve had this season and they were delicious – so much so the family fighting over the last one.”

Jane, UK

“Yours are the best flavour, texture and uniform ripeness of strawberries I can ever remember buying. I live in the south of England, if the packer is local, then maybe the strawberries also cover a minimum of food miles. All in all, marvellous. I’ll be buying more.”

Pat, UK


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