Double Awards for TSBC at Superior Taste Award 2024!

The Summer Berry Company has been awarded twice by International Taste Institute. Two varieties grown by TSBC in UK and in Portugal were honoured.

The judging panel is composed of more than 200 professional taste experts, with their focus being flavour, appearance, texture, and aroma. These awards recognise the work and partnerships of TSBC in selecting to grow and market two of the best varieties in the berry sector. The prizes awarded reflect the company’s commitment to high quality, precision farming and sustainable practices.

Fandango received the top scoring award

Fandango is a top tier strawberry variety created by Fresh Forward, an expert breeder based in The Netherlands.

Amalia Rossa earned a very distinctive 2-star award.

Amalia Rossa is a premium raspberry variety created by the experienced Italian breeder BerryTech.

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