Portugal Working Conditions

As a year-round producer, our seasonal and field workers in Portugal play an important role in the success of The Summer Berry Company. With our colleagues coming from different countries around the world, we pride ourselves in offering welfare programs that accommodate different needs and preferences, to ensure excellent working conditions for all.

You can read more about our working conditions in Portugal below.


Because we are a year-round producer, we have harvesting and maintenance jobs available throughout the entire year. 

Our main field jobs are:

  • Harvest – picking the berries in our fields
  • Husbandry (maintenance) – planting, pot filling, maintaining the crops
  • Packing – packing berries in our packhouse on site
  • Tunnel and irrigation jobs


TSBC Portugal is a multicultural company with colleagues coming from different countries around the world. For this reason, our welfare programs accommodate different needs and preferences:

  • Portuguese language classes available for foreigner workers
  • Celebrations of Eid Mubarak (for Muslim workers), Dashain (Nepal), Gurpurab (India) and Christmas (for Christians)
  • General medical appointments once a week
  • A staff canteen running seven days per week with a variety of menus available
  • Accommodation facilities fully furnished and well-kept. 
  • Barbecue area
  • A well-equipped gym on site, football pitch and volleyball court
  • Laundry rooms with washing machines and tumbler dryers
  • Fast WiFi on site
  • Picnic bench in front of every accommodation, where it is possible to rest, relax and enjoy the sunny weather


  • We provide regular, free transport to local towns and supermarkets for shopping or sightseeing.
  • We also provide transport to medical centres, public services and banks, depending on drivers’ availability.


All staff working in the company are paid monthly into their bank account by direct transfer

  • In Portugal, there is a standard of 40 hours of work per week, and all workers will have the scale distributed along five days of a week (five days of eight hours and two days-off)
  • Workers can earn bonuses, depending on their performances.
  • Days-off and public holiday will be paid at 200%
  • Workers are entitled to vacation allowance and Christmas bonus.


TSBC provides training for all workers, whether they are already experienced or not, to make sure everyone feels comfortable and understands the job requirements.

TSBC always prioritises internal talent. Opportunities for career progression are offered at all levels: from Picker to Team Leaders, from Team Leaders to Managers and beyond. We are proud that many of our employees have progressed their career within our business.

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Check our open vacancies.