If you were going to design the perfect berry, then it would have to be the blueberry. Blueberries are juicy, fresh, nutritious, and neatly packaged, so you don’t get messy when popping them in your mouth.

Blueberries differ from the other soft fruit that grows on our farms, because they grow on a bush that could live for up to 20 years.

About the blueberry

Blueberries are a broad group of perennial flowering plants with blue or purple berries, and belong to the genus Vaccinium.

While blueberries are native to North America, variations on the fruit (for example, the bilberry) do grow in Europe and Asia. There are almost 150 varieties of blueberry and bilberry in total, however not all are edible.

There are around 30 varieties of blueberry that are widely consumed, and these are divided into three categories: lowbush, highbush and rabbiteye.

The blueberry is very rich in antioxidants, vitamins and fibre. The fruit’s properties help to improve cardiovascular health, protect your liver, control diabetes, and improve memory.

The blueberry has few calories, is rich in water and nutrients, and can be included in your diet to lose weight.

Nutritional Facts

Energy value* Value/100g Unit
energy, total metabolisable 43 Kcal
energy, total metabolisable 183 kJ
Composition* g/100g
water 87
carbohydrates 6.4
fibre, total dietary 3.1
organic acids, total 1.4
lipids 0.6
protein, total 0.5
other 1
Vitamins* Value/100g
vitamin A 8µg
carotene, total 47µg
alphatocopherol 1.9mg
thiamin 0.04mg
riboflavin 0.07mg
niacin, preformed 0.42mg
niacin equivalents, total 0.47mg
niacin equivalents from tryptophan 0.05mg
vitamin B-6, total 0.06mg
vitamin C 15mg
folate, total 11.5µg
Minerals* Value/100g
ash 0.25g
sodium 0.3mg
potassium 110mg
calcium 19mg
phosphorus 20mg
magensium 9mg
iron, total 0.6mg
zinc 0.2mg

Varieties & Breeders

Varieties Breeders
Twilight Berryworld
Duke Open Variety
Top Shelf Fall Creek
Liberty Open Variety
Valor Open Variety
Titanium Global Plant Genetics

Seasonal availability

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